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  • Oral Arts Dental Laboratory

    "RMH3 has worked very hard to make sure that Oral Arts Dental Lab continues to grow by not only supplying us with the products that we need but also being able to provide them at a great cost for the lab. RMH3 service is elite. Their dedication and commitment to our lab's success have been outstanding. They go above and beyond to ensure that we receive top-quality products in a timely manner. The level of customer service they provide is unmatched. RMH3 truly understands our needs and works tirelessly to meet them. Their expertise and attention to detail have greatly contributed to the success of our lab." Michael Sims, Purchasing Manager.
  • Dental Crafters, Inc.

    "We have had the pleasure of working with RMH3 Dental over the past 3 years. Their proactive approach sets them apart, as they are consistently reaching out to us, ensuring our questions are promptly answered and our concerns are addressed. Their enthusiasm to assist us in sourcing products is remarkable. They are always eager to help us find the specific products we are looking for at competitive prices that align with our budget. In addition to their excellent customer service and sourcing expertise, they consistently bring relevant new products to our attention. As a result of our partnership, we can explore and test these new products, giving us a competitive edge. We highly appreciate their unwavering commitment to providing outstanding customer service and support!”
  • Crystal Dental Design

    "RMH3 Dental went above and beyond when we decided to work with them on reducing our material cost and inventory management. They were able to establish an inventory base designated for our lab along with reducing our cost of materials overall by 7%. Any Lab owner would feel comfortable in trusting their expertise and working with them. RMH3 would always provide us with new alternative solutions that could enhance our lab workflow and increase our production efficiency. I highly recommend to book their free account consultation as it is very helpful to understand your current materials cost even if you did not want to work with them." Andy Seo, Crystal Dental Design Owner.